A Comprehensive Guide to Using the Online FD Calculator To Invest Smartly

In order to grow and preserve your wealth over time, it is essential to invest timely and rightly. This basically helps individuals generate income in the long run which in return helps them build valuable assets. In India, a fixed deposit is considered one of the safest investments because it is less risky and assures guaranteed returns.

Moreover, once Indians calculate FD interest and know that it offers quite lucrative returns, they consider investing in it more than any other scheme.

What is a fixed deposit?

As the term suggests, it is a financial instrument offered by financial institutions/banks which offers higher interest rates than a regular savings account. In this investment scheme, an investor deposits a lump sum of money for a fixed period and a fixed interest rate and the deposit can’t be withdrawn before the maturity without any penalty.

What are its advantages?

●    Assured returns

The topmost advantage of an FD is that it offers assured returns. This is because the rate of interest is predetermined and doesn’t fluctuate as per the market. Moreover, these returns are over the returns you get on your savings account.

●    Lower risk

No doubt that Mutual funds, stocks and bonds offer higher returns but one needs to understand that they are volatile in nature and are linked to market risks. However, once you calculate FD interest and invest rightly, you are in for guaranteed returns.

●    Easy Withdrawal

If there is any kind of emergency, the investor is free to break the fixed deposit. So, basically, your investment is liquid and can be withdrawn at any time with just a minor penalty.

●    Higher rate of interest

As compared to a savings account, an FD typically offers a higher rate of interest. This helps the investors to earn more on their money.

How to use the FD calculator online to invest smartly?

Instead of cooking up some story, it’s better if I share my personal experience here. I’ve been using the Bajaj Finserv application for over six months now and recently was planning to invest in fixed deposits. So, I checked out their Fixed Deposit Calculator tool and believe me, it gave me a clear idea about investment. Here is a step-by-step guide –

  1. Download the application on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your contact number and sign up
  3. Tap on the top left icon with three lines.
  4. Here, you’ll see ‘Calculators & Buying Guides’
  5. Go to Deposits Calculators
  6. Tap on Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator.
  7. Enter the details
  8. You are good to go


Investment is not about putting your money just anywhere. It is about wise and smart choices with a clear idea beforehand. So, if you are planning to invest in a fixed deposit, ensure you use a FD calculator to take into account the considerable factors and then make the right choice. Because ultimately, it is your money.

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