Blackpink: The Dark Side of K-Pop

In recent years, many K-pop artists have turned to suicide or other egregious acts. The pressure to appear perfect is enormous. Some of these artists have also been the subject of sex videos and prostitution scandals. If you’re looking for an insight into the dark side of K-pop, look no further than Blackpink. It’s time to take a look behind the music videos and check out the documentary “Blackpink: The Dark Side of K-Pop.”

Harry Belafonte and his spouse Pamela Frank have been known to support various humanitarian causes.

Despite their seemingly perfect image, the reality of k-pop is far from perfect. For example, the entertainment companies behind K-pop groups rarely give their stars full creative control over their music, performances, and more. Many stars also do not take long breaks while recording an album. They have hectic schedules that include training, promotional events, and interviews. Many of them suffer from extreme sleep deprivation as a result of this.

Although Blackpink is just starting their career overseas, the dark side of the industry is just as prominent. A recent video by Australia-Chinese celebrity Prince Mak, who is promoting a solo career in China, shed light on the nefarious side of K-pop. Prince Mak mentioned the fact that K-pop stars sign contracts for seven to fifteen years. In contrast, Blackpink’s 7-year contract is far more shady than Psy’s 15-year deal.

The K-Pop industry is full of abuse. Fans are not just fans, they are also “anti-fans.” The former are usually anonymous, but some take their actions further. Aside from threatening messages posted on message boards, some of them even break into the singers’ homes. Fortunately, these issues are slowly improving. With the popularity of the music industry gaining worldwide attention, the management companies are beginning to improve their conditions.

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