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How to Free Up Storage on iPhone

If you are running low on iPhone storage, you can always try the simple trick of clearing up all of the unnecessary files and apps. Just go to Settings and then General and tap on iPhone Storage. You will see a list of apps by size, so start by deleting everything that you don’t use anymore. It will free up space for your photos and other apps. Here are some tips to help you make more storage space on your iPhone:

You may have a lot of content on your iPhone, and if you use apps that save your files and videos offline, you are consuming a lot of space. Using apps like Spotify or YouTube can also take up a large portion of your iPhone storage. Delete downloaded videos, audio files, and playlists to clear up some space. Once you have done this, your iPhone will be able to handle the additional files and videos that you add.

Next, you can find out how much space you have available by deleting or uninstalling apps that you don’t use. You can also check if you have any apps that don’t justify their size. If you can’t find an app that’s not essential to your life, go to the Settings menu and tap iPhone Storage. From here, you can see how much storage each app takes up. Depending on the size of your iPhone, you can easily delete unneeded apps and restore the space that they occupied.

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