Korean Entertainment Companies Ranking 2020

There are many major Kpop Entertainment companies, but how do they measure up? Thankfully, the industry has developed so much that we can expect them to be among the leaders by 2020. The following list reveals the biggest companies by sales in Kpop. Listed by sales, these companies are the most profitable and have the best employees. However, many of them struggle to make it in the rankings. That’s where the rankings come in.

SM Entertainment was once one of the largest in the industry, and has an incredible amount of K-Pop artists. This company also owns subsidiary Woollim Entertainment, which manages popular artists such as Girls’ Generation, Rocket Punch, and Lovelyz. Their number of unit sales is too huge to list, but they have made some successful comebacks. While they’re not among the richest K-pop companies, they are among the most profitable.

SM Entertainment continues to grow with recent artists like TVXQ and EXO. Other major companies in the industry are HYBE, Seohyang Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. HYBE also went public in 2020, and is the third-largest company by total revenue. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment will continue to grow with new artists and a new product line. The company will also continue to grow its artist-based characters, licensing, and textbooks.

The biggest companies in K-pop will likely be the biggest in the next few years. After the merger of YG Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment, HYBE is one of the most profitable K-pop companies in the future. HYBE has a combined market value of $5.5 billion and manages many of the world’s top artists, including BTS. With its subsidiaries, it will be the leading company in the K-pop industry by 2020.

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