Scary Halloween Party Ideas

There are many ideas for scarier Halloween parties. Themes for Halloween parties include Freak Show, Haunted House, Autumn Harvest, and Hollywood Horror. Once you have your theme, send out invitations, state that the party is a socially distancing event, and select your decorations. You can buy them or create them yourself. Here are a few fun ideas. If you want to make your Halloween party more classy, consider hosting a masquerade-themed dinner.

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A fun activity for the kids is to have a “trick-or-treat” scavenger hunt. You can hide mini pumpkins around the house and assign each guest a task to find them. The photo task could be a selfie with a zombie or a photo of a lit jack-o-lantern on the street. You can also have a silly game like a “pop a balloon” contest. Divide guests into teams and put them on opposite sides of the room. Each team tries to pop their opponents’ balloons without using their hands. If they are able to pop the other’s balloons, they win.

You can also hire actors to play spooks. Have zombies lurking around the room or rattling the door. Have one of them carry a chainsaw and chase the guests back to their starting point. Other fun ideas for scaring guests include hanging slimy cobwebs from the ceiling and burying them slightly. A trick or treat station can be set up for guests to pick up snacks. For even more scarier Halloween party ideas, don’t forget the snacks.

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